Japan Nite 2015

Welcome to Japan Nite!

Japan Nite is an annual showcase of Japanese bands at SXSW in Austin, which has introduced over 100 bands to the world from 1996 to present. Following SXSW, the tour visits the Eastern United States, which includes New York, Chicago (and sometimes Boston or Cambridge) then West, to California. It is the coolest Japanese indie rock, punk and obscure culture extravaganza in the world.

SXSW Japan Nite 20th Anniversary line up
March 20, 2015 (Friday)
@ Elysium
1. moumoon ( J-pop)
2. TsuShiMaMire (Girl Rock)
3. Pirates Canoe  (Alt Country/folk)
4. The fin. (Synth/Chillwave)
5. QUORUM (Hard Rock)
6. Samurai Dynamites (J-Punk/fork)
7. Mahoshojo-ni-naritai  ( J- Alternative)

March 26, 2015 (Thursday)
Athens Slingshot Festival @ New Earth Music Hall
with TsuShiMaMire QUORUM The fin.
Zarigani$ BO-PEEP
New Earth Music Hall
227 W Dougherty St Athens, GA 30601