US Tour Bands


VampilliaVampillia is THE next alternative music from Osaka. With Tasmania Guitar, Noise guitar,
Soul/Funky Bass, Piano, and Classical Strings. Members include, Velladon on Opera, Mongoloid on the dark metal vocals alongside twin drummers Tarow the Tornado (NICE VIEW, TURTLE ISLAND)
and Tatsuya Yoshida (RUINS), with new face shuichi Mabe, founding member of Vampillia included ex-vocalist Yoshikawa Toyohito of BOREDOMS (he is resting now). From this lineup comes experimental
dark and pop style brutal orchestra, Vampillia.

Pitchfork highly recommended Vampillia’s work, “Alchemic Heart” that was released by Important Records, USA. Vampillia has performed twice as the musical background for Christian Dada’s Collection as well as a variety of other activities for the show. Christian Dada was the designer of Lady Gaga’s Costumes for her World Tour. Sometimes Vampillia collaborates with attila csihar (sunno), (MAYHEM),
jarboe,μ-ziq and MERZBOW etc. In Japan Vampillia signed with Virgin Babylon Records that is run by world’s end girlfriend. In 2014, Vampillia signed with Candlelight Records, UK. They finished making a new album with Ben Frost and Valgeir Siggrudson at Greenhouse Studio, which is famous for BJORK and Sigur Ros in Iceland.
Yoshida will not be on this tour, Gomen Nasai!

“endless summer”


jungles from Red Bacteria Vacuum

junglesA new project of the three member of Red Bacteria Vacuum. since the bass player Kassan is expecting her child. They just started this baseless band end of August and have been doing several gigs in Tokyo. They are already a band in the news and have got lots of gig offers.
Red Bacterial Vacuum was formed in Osaka in 1998. They released their 2nd album Roller Coster from BENTEN USA in 2005 and went on the label’s west coast tour with TsuShiMaMire. In November 2007 they toured USA again including Japan Girls Nite at Bowery Ballroom in New York. They were invited Viz Pictures J-pop center building “New People” grand opening party in Japan town SF in August. RBV found their own label GUZGUZ records”in Oct. 2009 and release 3rd albm ” Dolly Dolly, make a epoch”. They performed at SXSW 2010 and Japan Nite US tour. They were invited to The Big Day Out Music Festival in Australia and New Zealand in January 2011. The line up included Iggy and the Stooges Tool, M.I.A. Primal Scream etc. Then they opened A Perfect Circle (Tool’s Maynard Keenan ‘s band) North America/Canada tour summer tour in 2011. A new guitar player, 325 joined the band in January 2012. They have a new bass player, Yagoroumaru and  are ready to go on US tour 2014.  Please come to see and enjoy their music. 

IKUM! :Vocals, Guitar
325(Mitsuko):  Guitar, Chorus
Yagoroumaru: Bass, Chorus
Jasmine: Drums, Chorus


zarigani$Eri: Vocals Bass.
Mizuki. Drums, Chorus

This is one two piece girl band with loud sound. Here with amazing and crazy sound for the world to hear, the two-piece band composed of Eri
(Bass and Vocals) and Mizuki (Drums) are welcomed to Japan Nite 2014.

Their first mini album “crazy lock cafeteria” was released in 2004. After an eight city tour in Kansai, and the Kanto area, they released another
mini album “radio cassette” in 2005.

With this success a third mini album was released, “Is there romance” in 2007. and their fourth “Everything There is Romance” released 2009. By 2010 a fourth mini album was released, “zariganiTV 1818…”. By the fall of 2011, yet another mini album named “AVOCADO” was released. Given their great success they performed at the Shinjuku JAM

In 2012 along with the TOQUIWA, they toured US and CANADA, followed by a tour of
England. This year they are happy to tour the US again with Japan Nite!


happy3[HAPPY] is a group of young creative musicians from Ayabe City, an area of forested hills and green rice fields two hours north of Kyoto.

Formed in 2012 by school friends (Alec (g. & v.), Ric (syn. & v.), Syu
(b.g. & syn.), and Bob (ds. & v.), with Chew (g. & syn.) stepping in
later), the band honed their unique musical skills by performing countless gigs prior to releasing any CDs.2013 has been a big year for the group, as they expanded their activities by appearing at various music events. Not only were they chosen to perform at SUMMER SONIC 2013, one of the major rock festivals held in Japan each summer, but they also played together
with the British group PALMA VIOLETS in a joint concert in Tokyo.
Their year was highlighted when they performed as the opening act for
THE FLAMING LIPS where they garnered high praise from music industry
attendants. Still at an average age of 20, [HAPPY] is slowly beginning
to cause a buzz within Japan’s music world.


StarmarieStarmarie is the Japanese fantasy girls group made of Nozomi KISHITA, Shino TAKAMORI, and Shiori AOKI by SHIKISAI RECORDS in 2008.
They made their debut at Shibuya o-west in 2008.
In 2011, the group released their first major single, “Tears in Bakery”.
Starmarie performed 1000 times all over Japan in 5 years (the performance 200 times per a year)
Starmarie have started overseas advance in 2012.
●Their newspaper was distributed to California (50,000 publication).
●Their music video would be on the air in TV station based in Los Angeles.
(it covers the 16 million population of Southern California.)
●They appeared on “ANA-360°JAPAN ” website (which introduces the world to the coolest Japanese culture)
made by All Nippon Airways (ANA, Japan’s largest airline) as of Japanese pop idol.
●On July 4th, 2013, Starmarie performed for the first time at Anime Expo 2013 in Los Angeles.(500 seats sold out in 15minutes)
●On September 14th and 15th, 2013, the group performed for the first time at Best of Anime 2013 in Manila, Philippines. (1000 over people came to the event)
●They’re planning to perform in China, Jakarta, Singapore and Malaysia.
The Japanese three girls will continue to forge ahead and to get more and more fans in the United States in 2014. Japanese girls idol group「Starmarie」coming to SXSW 2014 and NY!! Singing Dancing with us!! Let’s enjoy!